素食料理Vegan《腰果葡萄乾抓飯|Cashew & Raisin Rice Pilaf 》味道濃郁香味撲鼻,食慾大增 Taste is strong and fragrance is pungent

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Published on 08-07-2019

《腰果葡萄乾抓飯 | Cashew & Raisin Rice Pilaf 》 不用羊肉也能做出好吃的“素抓飯”。味道濃郁,香味撲鼻,讓你食慾大增。 “手抓飯”是中亞族群的標誌性食物。 Delicious "Vegan Rice Pilaf" without lamb. The taste is rich, the fragrance is tangy, and make your appetite is greatly increased. “Rice Pilaf” is a traditional food in West Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, etc. It is also a symbolic food of the Central Asian community. 配料(4人份量) : 印度香米 2杯、水 3杯、食油 3汤匙、姜 2汤匙、 辣椒粉 1茶匙、黄姜粉 1茶匙、咖喱粉 1茶匙、 盐 1茶匙、葡萄干 ½杯、腰果 ½杯 Ingredients(4people servings): Basmati Rice 2cup, Water 3cup, Cooking Oil 3tbsp, Ginger 2tbsp, Chili Powder 1tsp, Turmeric Powder 1tsp, Curry Powder 1tsp, Salt 1tsp, Raisin ½cup, Cashewnut ½cup

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